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The Avenger alarm system provides comprehensive protection for your caravan, when parked or coupled to your tow vehicle, as well as protecting the contents. The alarm system is controlled by a key switch mounted on the alarm control box located just inside the caravan door. If you insure with the Caravan Club, K. Drewe (Insurance) or CaravanGuard Insurance you should be eligible for a discount on your premiums.

Alarms fitted to early AVONDALE caravans did not have an entry or exit delay time. Therefore the alarm should be switched ON/OFF before getting into the caravan. Later model alarms have a 15 second exit delay and a 7 second entry delay.

Alarms fitted to LUNAR caravans have a 15 second exit delay and a 7 second entry delay. Again it is advisable to switch the alarm ON/OFF before getting into the caravan.


The caravan must be fitted with a 12 volt leisure battery for the alarm to work. The alarm control box is fitted with a rechargeable anti-tamper battery. This is automatically charged from the leisure battery. (To fully charge the anti-tamper battery will take at least 12 hours).

Do not replace this Nickel Metal Hydride battery with a normal dry cell.   


To arm the alarm, go outside the caravan then reach inside to insert the key into the key switch, press inwards and turn clockwise. Now remove the key. The siren will “cheep” twice and the red LED will start flashing regularly so you know that the alarm has been activated. Should a thief trigger the alarm the siren will sound for 2 minutes and then reset. On your return switch the alarm off by inserting the key and turning it anti-clockwise. Now remove the key. The LED will stop flashing so you know the alarm has been de-activated. Should the LED continue flashing then the alarm has been triggered in your absence - refer to the DIAGNOSTICS paragraph at the end of this section.

When using the alarm with the caravan coupled to your tow vehicle (for example at motorway service areas) remember to switch the alarm off before driving away, otherwise the first time you use the foot brake you will trigger the alarm siren.


Once you have switched the alarm on and the siren has “cheeped” twice, any one of the following actions will trigger the alarm for 2 minutes or until the alarm has been switched off:


The red LED on the control box indicates which sensor has triggered the alarm. This is reset by switching the key switch to the on position. Note the number of flashes before doing this. This feature enables you to tell if your alarm has been triggered while you have been away. It is also useful for fault finding.

The flash codes are:

Regular flashing = Alarm On.

2 flashes = leg sensor.

3 flashes = PIR.

4 flashes = 13 pin or 12N Plug.

5 flashes = leisure battery disconnected.