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Once your boat has been fitted with THE BOAT ALARM you will have comprehensive protection for your boat and it’s contents. The alarm system is controlled by a two button key fob, which can also switch the deck light on/off. When the alarm is on, pressing both fob buttons sounds the siren (PANIC ALARM)

The alarm system is simple to use, full instructions are given in the following sections.


The alarm must be connected to a 12 Volt battery for the alarm system to work.

Finally check that the key switch on the control box is turned clockwise, otherwise the alarm will not work.


Press the ALARM button on the key fob for a couple of seconds to switch the alarm on. The siren will “cheep” twice so you know that the alarm has been activated. Should a thief trigger the alarm the siren will sound for 2 minutes and reset. On your return switch the alarm off by pressing the ALARM button on your key fob for a couple of seconds. The siren will “cheep” once so you know the alarm has been de-activated.

To switch the deck light ON / OFF press the LIGHT button on the key fob. (Please note that the light must be switched on with it’s own switch before it can be switched off then back on using the key fob.


Once you have switched the alarm on and the siren has “cheeped” twice, any one of the following actions will instantly trigger the siren for 2 minutes or until the alarm is switched off :-

Entering the deck area protected by the PIR

Opening any “alarmed” door

Operating the battery isolator switch

Disconnecting the 12 Volt battery (internal battery must be charged)

Pressing both fob buttons together (PANIC ALARM)


The red LED on control box indicates which sensor has triggered the alarm. Always reset by switching key switch off then back on again after noting the number of flashes when using it to diagnose a fault. It is not necessary to reset this during normal use.

The flash codes are

Regular Flashing = Alarm ON

1 flash = Panic, 2 flashes = Door Contacts, 3 flashes = PIR, 4 flashes = Battery Isolator,

5 flashes = Battery disconnected