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Keen Electronics - Boat Kit B

Product no longer available

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> Installation Instructions

The BOAT ALARM when  triggered will:-

Sounds a 120 dB siren for 2 minutes while

flashing an external strobe light ( can also sound the boat’s horn if required)

Sends alarm text message to 3 mobile phones

The BOAT ALARM is controlled by: -

A two button key fob with a range of over 20 feet (two fobs are supplied)

The second button can be used to remotely switch a deck light.

The BOAT ALARM  kit contains:-

Control box containing the battery, inverter, alarm and dialler electronics

Two key fobs using rolling code encryption

PIR detector and four door/locker contacts

120 dB siren and relay to switch boat’s horn

Flashing strobe light.

Full Installation and Operating Instructions.



The sealed alarm control box contains a re-chargeable lead acid battery, a trickle charger (working from the boat’s battery), the alarm PCB, the dialler PCB and a terminal board used to connect the alarm to the sensors, siren etc.


Anti theft Alarm 1 PIR detector protecting deck area

Anti theft Alarm 2 Sensors on doors

Anti Theft Alarm 3 Operating battery isolator switch

PANIC ALARM - press both fob buttons together.


Audible alarm 120db for 2 minutes


Cutting wires to door sensors

Operation of battery isolator switch

Disconnecting 12 volt battery (internal battery must be charged)


GSM Frequency :  Quad band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Uses a standard 2G SIM card

Sends SMS alert message to 3 auto dial numbers

Signal strength can be determined by sending a text message to the unit

10 Ampere relay output, can be controlled by text message

2 Aerials supplied, one fits onto case other had 3 metre lead


12 Volt d.c. from boat’s battery

Current consumption 80mA


-10 to +40oC

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Don’t wait until you have suffered a break in or theft. This alarm will sound its loud 120 dB siren the instant a thief forces entry AND the dialler will send a text message to up to 3 different mobile phones. For even more effect the boat’s horn can be sounded together with the siren. A flashing strobe light identifies which boat alarm is sounding.


Comprehensive remote controlled alarm with dialler

Remote switching of deck light with key fob

Dialler can send text message warning of bilge water or loss of mains electricity from shore power point

Heating can be turned on by sending a text message to the unit

The alarm can use either a PIR detector or door/window contacts or both to detect intruders. Expensive outboards can be protected with a wire loop. This is some cases can be connected through an unused pin on the outboard’s electrics. Operation of the battery isolator switch will also trigger the alarm.

The internal re-chargeable battery ensures that both the siren and the dialler remain working should a thief disconnect the boat’s battery.