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Your caravan has been fitted with a 2002 CONCEPT KEL alarm system. This provides comprehensive protection for your caravan, when parked or coupled to your tow vehicle, as well as protecting the contents. The alarm system is controlled by a key fob, which can also switch the awning light on/off. When the alarm is on, pressing both fob buttons sounds the siren (PANIC ALARM) If you insure with the Caravan Club, K.Drewe (Insurance) or CARAVAN GUARD Insurance you should be eligible for a discount on your premiums.

The alarm system is simple to use, full instructions are given in the following sections.


The caravan must be fitted with a 12 Volt leisure battery for the alarm system to work. We recommend that you fit a anti tamper battery (PP3 or MN1604 type) into the control unit. Locate the white CONCEPT KEL control box, usually in a bed box or locker. Grasp firmly and slide upwards (gently “waggling” from side to side) until it comes off of it’s mounting plate. Remove the battery cover by pressing in firmly and sliding it out of the case. Connect the flying lead to the battery, fit into the space provided and replace the battery cover. Refit the control box on it’s mounting plate and slide down until it clicks into position.

Finally check that the key switch on the control box is turned clockwise, otherwise the alarm will not work.



Press the ALARM button on the key fob for a couple of seconds to switch the alarm on. The siren will “cheep” twice so you know that the alarm has been activated. Should a thief trigger the alarm the siren will sound for 2 minutes and reset. On your return switch the alarm off by pressing the ALARM button on your key fob for a couple of seconds. The siren will “cheep” once so you know the alarm has been de-activated.

When using the alarm with the caravan coupled to your tow vehicle (for example at motorway service areas) remember to switch the alarm off on your return, otherwise the first time you use the foot brake you will trigger the alarm siren.

To switch the awning light (and if connected an interior light) on/off press the LIGHT button on the key fob. (Please note that these lights must be switched on with their own switches before they can be switched off then back on using the key fob.


Once you have switched the alarm on and the siren has “cheeped” twice, any one of the following actions will trigger the siren for 2 minutes or until the alarm is switched off :-

Winding the alarmed rear leg
Coupling up and inserting the 12N plug
When coupled, unplugging the 12N plug
When 12N plug inserted, using the foot brake
Entering the caravan (instant operation)
Disconnecting the leisure battery (PP3 must be fitted)
Pressing both fob buttons together (PANIC ALARM)


Red LED on control box indicates which sensor has triggered the alarm. Always reset by switching key switch off then back on again after noting the number of flashes.

The flash codes are:

Regular Flashing = Alarm ON

1 flash = Panic

2 flashes = Leg Sensor

3 flashes = PIR,

4 flashes = 12N plug,

5 flashes = Leisure battery disconnected