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  Basic Electrical Theory

        A Simple Introduction

        Commonly used Terms

        Series & Parallel Circuits

        Battery Capacity


        The Difference between a.c. and d.c.

        So why use a.c. ?


  Road Lighting

       Fault Finding

  12 Volt Internal Lighting & Equipment

       Fault Finding


  240 Volt Electrical Equipment

       Fault Finding

  Leisure Batteries

       Fault Finding

       Measuring current drain

  240 Volt Safety notes

  Useful Information


        12N Socket Connections

        12S Socket Connections

        13 Pin Socket Connections

         240 Volt Mains Plug Connections

        How to use a Multi Meter


  Photo of a typical Multi Meter

  Glossary of Terms

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My recent purchase of the guide was initially a little disappointing as it seemed to have very few pages for the money. HOW WRONG I WAS as it was about the content not volume that turned out to be useful. By using the specific information in the Keen print out I traced and rectified a recurring electrical problem and saved myself a 60 mile round trip to the dealership or an expensive engineer call out.

My thanks to Keen Electronics, George B.

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Malcolm’s All You Need to Know about Caravan Electrics Guide

The guide is written in easy to understand English that takes the mystery out of caravan (and other) electrics. The fault finding guides can save you grief if something goes wrong when you are on site and you have no one to ask for help. Multi meters are now very cheap and can help you find out why your leisure battery is going flat within a week or so. But you need to know how to use a multi meter. This guide tells you how.