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Your motor home has been fitted with a CONCEPT KEL 2000 alarm system. This provides protection for your vehicle and its contents. The alarm system is controlled by the ALARM button on the key fob.

The alarm system is simple to use. Full instructions are given in the following sections.


The motor home must be fitted with a 12 Volt leisure battery for the system to work. Note - some factory fitted alarms operate from the vehicle battery) Fit a PP3 (MN1640) 9 Volt battery into the battery compartment on the rear of the alarm control box. Change this battery once a year.

Next, check that the key switch on the control box is turned clockwise, otherwise the alarm will not work. The alarm system is now ready for use.


Whenever you leave your motor home, switch on the alarm system by pressing the ALARM button on your key fob for 2-3 seconds. The siren will then "cheep" twice so you know the alarm has been activated. Should a thief trigger the alarm the siren will sound for 2 minutes and reset. On your return, switch off the alarm by pressing the ALARM button on your key fob. The siren will "cheep" once so you know that the alarm has been de-activated.

If you forget to switch the alarm off, the siren will sound instantly when you enter the living quarters or when you use the foot brake.

When the battery in the key fob is reaching the end of it’s life the red indicator, on the fob, will flash when the ALARM button is pressed and kept pressed for several seconds.

The alarm can be switched off completely by inserting the key into the control box key switch and turning it anti-clockwise.


Once you have switched the alarm on, any one of the following actions will instantly trigger the siren for 2 minutes or until the alarm is switched off :-

When the alarm has been triggered the appropriate LED on the control box will remain lit until you reset it with the key switch. This is a useful indicator for diagnostic and warning purposes