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Keen Electronics Protector Two

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The Protector Two caravan alarm and light controller offers all of the features of our earlier model alarms together with the following additional benefits

Compact new style key fobs have recessed buttons to reduce the risk of accidental operation

Enhanced security of operation by use of rolling code encryption for the key fobs



What does it protect ?

How does it protect ?

The CONTENTS are protected by a PIR detector mounted inside the caravan. Unlike many caravan alarms CONCEPT KEL sounds the siren as soon as an intruder is detected. This makes life very difficult for the snatch thief.

The PARKED caravan is protected two ways. A sensor mounted underneath the caravan and close to a rear steady detects rotation of the leg winder. It doesn't matter what the angle of the leg is, the alarm is triggered by rotation of the leg winder. Strong winds moving the caravan will not set the alarm off. The alarm is connected to the caravan's road lighting wiring. When a thief hitches up and inserts the 13 pin or 12N (road lighting) plug, the alarm sounds immediately. Should a thief drive off with the plug inserted, every time the footbrake is used the siren will sound.

The COUPLED combination is protected by the 13 pin or 12N plug (see above). If a thief unplugs the  plug the siren sounds. If a thief drives off in your tow vehicle with the caravan still coupled, every time the footbrake is used the siren will sound.

The OWNERS of the caravan can sound the siren using the PANIC alarm feature, switch the alarm on then press both buttons together.

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