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Being a small company means that we can provide excellent technical support to all of our customers. This is provided over the phone and backed up by a return of post repair service.

We have a large number of satisfied customers who, along with many caravan dealers, have stated that our service is "second to none". High praise indeed as the following extracts from customers e-mails and letters prove.

Dear Malcolm,

You may recall that back in November 2011 I contacted you regarding a fault on my Avenger caravan alarm and the problems I was having with spurious activations. Following my query, you kindly replaced, and updated the circuit board, at no cost to me, which I later fitted. Since fitting the replacement part, all of the problems have gone away and the alarm is operating perfectly. I do not recall getting back to you to inform you of the success that the replacement has been and how grateful I was for all of your help.

In this day and age, it is increasingly difficult to find a company that is willing to go “beyond the call of duty” to help others, even though I have not been a direct customer of your company. I therefore wish to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done and hope that I can recommend your company to others in the future,




Dear Malcolm,

Many thanks for the time that you have spent on the phone helping me to resolve the problem with false alarms.

I have fitted the replacement parts that you kindly sent to me at no charge and have returned the old PIR sensor unit as requested. I suspect that this item is perfectly OK; I am sure a bench test will confirm this.

Finally, let me finish by saying what a delight it has been dealing with you and your company. It is refreshing to find people who really do go that extra mile to help customers. The provision of after sales service that is as good as yours is a rarity, I can honestly say it is second to none!

Yours sincerely

C.W. Milton Keynes


Dear Malcolm

Please find enclosed the returned items. Many thanks for sending a new alarm unit, I have been to the caravan today and fitted the replacement control panel and Hey Presto; It all now seems to work.

I would therefore like to send my thanks for your exceptional customer service. Your communications have been prompt from day one and have clear and most helpful. I have to say that in today’s climate it is uplifting to find a company so helpful and accommodating with the back up of your product second to none it is also reassuring that a "quick sale" was never an issue as you have been prepared to replace all parts without question until we have exhausted all areas as to the nature of the fault, and thankfully this seems to have rectified the problem

I am truly grateful for your assistance and unprecedented customer service, I am now feeling compelled to writing to Practical Caravan Magazine to which I am a subscriber and let them know about my dealings and experience I have had with your company.

S.G. (Totally satisfied customer) Nottingham


Dear Mr Keen,

Thank you for replacing our alarm control box so promptly. It has been in place for over a week now and we have had no more trouble with it.

It was so kind of you to replace it free of charge. I can only give your company full marks for customer satisfaction.

G & P. M. Middlewich


Dear Sir,

Thank you for your response when I telephoned about our CONCEPT KEL Caravan Alarm two or three days ago. The voice at the other end of the phone was so friendly and encouraging – sadly, not always the case when one rings a company these days to ask what to do if a fault develops on a piece of equipment. The helpfulness of your staff was very much appreciated.

I am sending the box and fob as was suggested and enclose my cheque.

Thank you once again for your help

M.J.W. Dartford


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