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30 Years in Business

2021 will be our thirtieth year of designing and manufacturing electronic products. Sadly lack of demand for alarms, coupled with a major component supplier going out of business, has forced us to cease production of all models of alarms.  So now we are concentrating our efforts on the industrial side of the business.

With tens of thousands of alarms in caravans, we receive a number of phone calls each day requesting information or help in solving a problem. New owners may want to know if the Caravan Club accepts our alarm for insurance premium discounts (yes) whereas others may want to know if we can repair or replace the key fob that the puppy has eaten (usually).  Many of these questions can be answered by looking at our Frequently Asked Questions page in the web site.

As a company we enjoy helping people to protect their property, as sadly these days no one else will, and try hard to provide top notch service.

We can always be contacted by phone or e-mail - details at the bottom of the page.

Boat Alarm & Dialler

In early 2013 we developed a variant of our boat alarm. This product contains our well proven boat alarm electronics, together with a lead acid re-chargeable battery, an inverter and a dialler. Like the boat alarm the unit will trigger the siren (and optionally the boat’s horn) as well as flashing the strobe light. In addition the dialler will send an alarm text message to 3 different mobile phones. The remote control can be used to control a deck light as well as the alarm. Optionally the dialler can send an alarm message if the shore mains supply is disconnected or if a bilge water alarm is triggered. Another option is where by sending a text message to the unit it can switch on your boat’s heating.

Malcolm’s Guide to Caravan Electrics

Produced in early 2012 this guide can be downloaded as a PDF and gives lots of useful information and troubleshooting tips. Now only £9-80.

The PROTECTOR TWO caravan alarm

During the 2011 season we have been supplying Lunar Caravans with our PROTECTOR TWO alarm. We have made some changes to this alarm including using a more compact key fob having recessed buttons. The new key fob also uses rolling code encryption for enhanced security.

Other Products

In December 2007 we introduced our EASYLEVEL. This new product helps caravan owners to level their caravans when first arriving on site quickly and easily. The product is also useful for DIY applications such as putting up shelves or levelling fitted kitchen units, refrigerators, etc. Due to a general lack of interest this product is no longer available.

In October 2007 our CONCEPT GOLD caravan alarm passed its second annual audit with SOLD SECURE.

In 2006 we introduced our DEALER caravan alarm based on our popular CONCEPT KEL Alarm and Light Controller. The alarm contains a re-chargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery to provide the back up battery facility. The use of a re-chargeable battery removes the need for the owner to replace this battery every year. The Light Controller feature has been removed to keep both cost and installation time to a minimum.

Late in 2006 our CONCEPT GOLD alarm successfully passed it's first annual audit by SOLD SECURE.

All of our alarms now have provision for use with SATELLITE TRACKING SYSTEMS, whether acting as the authorising device, controlling the tracking system, or providing an alarm trigger to the tracking device.

For the benefit of new customers we have included a brief profile of the Company, now in it's 22nd  year.

Company Profile

Keen Electronics Limited was established in 1991 and has been designing and manufacturing caravan alarms ever since. We also manufacture a small range of Industrial Electronic Products, which are used by other Companies in their products.

Our CONCEPT KEL alarm won the Whale Award for innovation in 1999 and our CONCEPT GOLD alarm received SOLD SECURE approval late in 2005.

Being a small company means that we can provide excellent technical support to all of our customers. This is provided over the phone and backed up by a return of post repair service.

We have a large number of satisfied caravan owners who, along with many caravan dealers have stated that our service is "second to none". High praise indeed. Please visit our Testimonials section for more information.