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The Current Monitor is designed to continuously measure the current flowing down a load carrying conductor. The conductor passes through the aperture in the case, there is no electrical connection to be made. The current in the conductor is converted into a voltage signal by a current transformer. This voltage is precision full wave rectified, smoothed and amplified to drive a 4-20mA current generator.

Keen Electronics - Current Monitor

Technical Specification

Current range - 0-20A a.c.

Operating frequency - 50Hz (60Hz to order)

Power requirement - 24V d.c. supply (unit is protected against reverse polarity)

Current consumption - Less than 30mA (at 20mA output)

Output - 4-20mA into a maximum load of 750R

Output connections -  Two sets of output terminals are available, each one having it's own screen connection. The screen terminals are connected together and connected to the Earth terminal. The two outputs are connected in series, but O/P 2 has a 10 Volt zener diode connected across it. If O/P 1 only is used and the loop resistance is greater than 400R, a wire link should be connected between the O/P 2 terminals

Calibration -  0A = 4mA 20A = 20mA

Linearity - Better than 1%

Temp. Coefficient - 0.05%/oC typical

Power on indicator - A green LED is lit while power is applied

Connections - 9 way rising clamp terminal block

Packaging - Mounted in a plastic case with mounting lugs for base plate or chassis mounting

Dimensions - 175 x 84mm overall with fixing holes on a 160mm pitch

Installation Instructions


The current monitor should be mounted in a metal enclosure using two M4 or similar bolts. The unit is not suitable for mounting in areas where water may get into the unit.


Pass the load carrying conductor through the hole in the case. Only put one conductor through this hole.

Connect a 24 Volt d.c. supply to the terminals marked +24V and 0V adjacent to the lettering "Supply"

Connect the 4-20mA output/s as required. The terminals marked "Screen" are connected together and to the terminal marked "Earth"

When using only O/P 1, please note that a 10 Volt zener diode is internally connected across O/P 2. If the resistance of the current loop exceeds 400R connect a wire link across O/P 2 terminals to short out this internal zener diode.


On application of the 24 Volt d.c. supply the green Power LED will light.

The unit is calibrated as follows :-

0A load current 4mA output current
20A load current 20mA output current


Please contact us by phone on 07500 24 11 33 or email sales@keenelectronics.co.uk